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Take your music stories, tell them with authenticity and then bind them together with great music production.

Hello. I'm Allan from muse4media. I help artists hone their lyrics, melodic hooks and songs and/or can produce radio/streaming ready tracks for them. Along with writing and arranging music I have a passion for emotive lyrics that tell a story. All great songs have great melody and hooks but it is the lyrics that get those repeat listeners... they go back again and again to hear the story that resonates with them.

I am good at nurturing and guiding talent and getting the best out of an artist's songs and their recordings.

Work with me and you'll have a wealth of experience and resources to tap into.

Recent work

Just completed work on recording, mixing and co-producing the debut album from Courting Ghosts. Entitled "Falling My Friend" it is due for release end of Summer/Autumn 2024.

The album's debut single "Something Like" was released on all platforms on 14th June 2024.

It was a pleasure to work on this album, 10 great songs,  Americana folk/rock with the pop sensibilities of Del Amitri and Hothouse Flowers thrown in.

muse4media also created the artwork for this project.

Old Byre Studio

Based near Frome in Somerset,

I am the in-house engineer and producer at this new studio.

My Music

Check out the music collaborations with other artists as well as my own songs on my Soundcloud page.

Hard To Forget

I'm very proud to have collaborated with Lady Nade on her first album. We co-wrote and co-produced her wonderful debut.

What do you need?


Need help with meaningful lyrics or nailing down those catchy melodic hooks?

I am a professional and published songwriter with song plays on UK BBC Radio, local radio and some US college radio.

Need a musician too? I play guitar, bass and keyboards.

Recording and Mixing

I have 30+ years experience as a music producer and recording engineer. I started my career as house engineer and then studio manager at Coach House Studios (the Bristol Sound). Some the great artists that recorded there were: Massive Attack (Blue Lines) Portishead (Dummy) Neneh Cherry (I've Got You Under My Skin)


Need a recording mastered?

I can produce TV/radio/CD and streaming level masters for your project. I'll give your mix the shine and punch it needs to stand out.

KStudio Records

Need a record label to release your music and don't want the hassle of 'do it yourself'?  I have my own record label and can setup the distribtuion and releases for you.


Need help with single or album artwork to package your vision with impact? I can help design and layout all the artwork for your release. Print ready for your CD manufacturer.

Old Byre Studio

Need a studio? Or maybe just a writing space? At Old Byre Studio you'll get me as your engineer or songwriting consultant as well as a warm, friendly, inspiring  environment set in several acres of quiet Somerset countryside.... there's a swimming pool on-site too!

Further Information

Lady Nade is a rising star on the Americana, folk and jazz scenes. Mixing these elements with her love for authentic story telling and communal support. She believes in transformative and healing power of music.

We met in  2014 when she was looking to release an album of her first songs. We worked together on fragments of songs and initial ideas to complete the lyrics and then tailored the music to fit the emotion of the content. I then recorded the album, mixed and mastered the songs and then helped with the layout of the artwork. Finally completed, Hard to Forget', was the debut album on my record label: KStudio Records.

We still write together and she has gone on to be named Bristol UK's most influential women and her name is engraved in the steps of the Beacon Centre Concert Hall. Her song, Willing, from her 3rd album was named 'Song of the Year' at the 2022 UK Americana Awards. Her 4th album produced by Ferris and Sylvester will be released in late 2024.

I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of Old Byre after joining a songwriting circle and then, along with another songwriter, we formed a songwriting partnership. We were then invited to Old Byre Studio to carry on our songwriting. It was very clear to me that the studio had one problem: the owner was not a recording engineer but had a great studio. I am a great engineer but didn't have a studio to work in. So began a new working partnership to build the potential of the studio. Within a year we had a working studio and also completed the first album to be produced and mixed at Old Byre Studio. The album "Falling My Friend" by Courting Ghosts that will be released in late Summer/Autumn 2024.

I have been involved in the music industry since the 1990's and my passion for music and creating has never diminished. I am a highly experienced recording and mixing engineer. My skillset includes studio management, published songwriting, photography, videography and graphic design. muse4media was actually formed in 2009 with two like-minded colleagues to embrace all these elements and we made promotional films for charities and corporate organisations for several years. Since 2013 my main focus has been on music, artist development and music production. In 2016 I was invited to join J.A.M.E.S, a music industry accreditation body, and found myself in demand as a music industry consultant and Accreditation Assessor for some of the top music production courses at Universities in the UK. 

I can bring a huge amount of experience to any music project. I can help you write and arrange the music to fit the vision of the words. I can help those words leap from the song and sit long in the memory of the listener. I understand the entire process from initial creation right through to the final packaged release. Work with me and I will guide you through the pitfalls, the do's and don't's, and can advise you on performing rights organisations and publishing and CD packaging and duplication.

Let me help you make the best expression of your music and, with all the will in the world, help you on your wonderful journey to success. 

Get in touch and let's talk. 

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