Welcome to a new website and a new start.

About me

I'm Allan Keen, creative director and founder of Muse4media. I'm a recording and mix engineer and producer. I have worked in the music industry for many years and if it's anything to do with audio or music I have done it:  mixing, mastering, arranging, songwriting, record label. I've also worked in Education with dual honours degrees in English and Education but my true passion is music!

I recently took a time out with audio production after the birth of my son. Partly enforced due to some health issues he had but also because, in becoming a parent, he was the most important focus. He's now started school now and I find myself with the time and space to get creative again.

Oddly, at this exact time, some opportunities have also arisen: a link with a new studio, an invitation to a select songwriting group and some new production work is in the pipeline. I have been working on my own songs over the last couple of years and now have a an album's worth of my own material to work on too. 

I'll post all the links on this site as it progresses.


It has been an interesting journey since 2009 when Muse4media became incorporated as company, I was heavliy involved in media and video production with some creative partners. I managed the sound production and wrote the music compositions for the productions and also learned editing for some of the videos. Now the company is a run largely by me with the emphasis on music. Proud to still be going after 12 years!

Thanks for visiting the new 'muse4media' website and taking an interest. I intend to post blogs on my musings about the industry as well as product reviews and backgrounds to the projects I am involved in.

Bookmark, get in touch, maybe we'll work together in future.


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